I'm Ready for a Revision

Feb 05, 2022

So, after much consideration, and research I've decided to go ahead with a revision in Tijuana. I looked at different places and one really stood out from the rest. I chose ALO Bariatrics and although I'm still a bit worried, only because I've never done anything like this, Sandra, the nutritionist and patient coordinator took an hour to talk to me over the phone and give me all the information I needed and wanted with no pressure on her part for me to commit.

I took two days to let everything sink in and think things through, but after much thought and weighing the pros and the cons, I went on ahead and paid the $500 deposit to confirm my surgery date. I'm scheduled in for surgery on July 11 for either a revision to sleeve or the gastric bypass. I'm still sitting on the fence with the bypass, but I'm seriously considering it. I don't like the fact that I might lose hair, which I've been losing for a while now as it is and do have a bald spot, and that I need to be on multivitamins for the rest of my life. I still have five months to decide whether to do the sleeve or bypass. 

I do hope and pray that with the revision I'll be able to reach my goal. I'm not asking for much! I just want to weigh 160 pounds which is what I was weighing when I married the first time. After I married in '91, I've never been anywhere near that weight, and even though I was a tad chunky, I would love to be a tad chunky and not obese.

In the meantime, I've already lost 20 pounds and down to 242 (as of this morning when I weighed myself) but it's so damn hard. I haven't been back to the gym because of very personal reasons, and I feel that the month that I'm paying for has been money down the drain. I haven't been able to go to the gym nor have I started going to my aerobics classes which I truly enjoy.

I keep to my healthy eating throughout the week, but on weekends I let myself cheat a little by eating "normal" food, you know, food that I really enjoy eating like perhaps, some fries from a fast food restaurant, or half of a cheeseburger and a sip or two of soda. However, I'm pretty damned proud of myself because I haven't gone overboard in the least, and I've learned how to "cheat" without feeling guilty or going over my calorie intake for the day.



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