My story is probably as common as everyone else's out there struggling with obesity.After having 2 beautiful children and a bad bout of Depression...Here I am! I have almost lost all hope and am turning to surgery for help! I have always tried to look great...but I know after seeing the Christmas pics...that I don't. look so great,no matter how hard I try..I am getting frustrated with living life and constantly being held back and slowed down due to my weight. I am tired of getting out of the shower and sweating while I try to dry off....I mean...kinda defeats the purpose of a shower, don't you think?? I cannot get out on the field and play baseball with my 10 year old son because my feet swell up to the size of a baseball!! My 3 year old daughter is just a ball of energy, but at least we can NAP together!!  That is terrible..isn't it??  I went from being a blonde cutie with a nice body-nothing to turn heads..(although before kids I turned a few!!) being an overweight mommy that tries to do things for her family to make them know she cares...and in the end, feeling like she ruined their time because she got aggravated over something stupid and minute. My husband is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I envy him sometimes because he can eat whatever the heck he wants and NEVER gains a pound!!! He supports me though and helps me as much as he can, but he cannot relate...That is why I am here... I am looking to make some new friends to help me through this journey...I've tried the therapy thing to no avail..there is nothing about my life that deserves therapy, besides my temper and anxiety....because I am so fat that I have made myself miserable!! I also have Fibromyalgia and Spina losing some weight will help me all the way around. that was me...9 years ago! Key word "WAS"!! I cannot say how great I feel and how different I feel as a person in general! There aren't enough words or emotions to express what a difference!! Life has been a rollercoaster of emotions since my surgery...

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