1 Year...and what a great year it was!! (and fast too!)

May 19, 2009

I cannot believe that a year has passed already! I do not regret my surgery one bit! I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity. There have been so many ups and downs since last April....but 1 thing remains constant...I LOVE MY WLS!!! I thank God daily for the opportunity and the financial doors He has opened up for me! I went from 272.5 pounds to 129 pounds...I would never have thought that I would be in a size 2/4 in just 1 year. When I started this journey, I told myself  that I would be happy in a size 12/14 weighing 165/170...now here I am way below that and I am just ecstatic! I could not have asked for better results! I try to take care of myself...I am STILL struggling with remembering to take my vitamins, but up until this point, I have not been sick or had any complications....so I must be doing something right, huh? I pray that I do not end up having extreme hair loss and tooth decay. I am keeping a close eye on all of that! I went for my 1 year post op check-up and the doc says that I am doing well...he has already referred me over to a plastic surgeon....says I am now ready to have the excess skin removed from my wrinkled up body..that has NO BOOBS in existence!! I will end up having a Lower Body Lift , Tummy Tuck and possibly a Thigh Procedure...and of course a lift of some kind with an implant for "the ladies"... When I decided to go to the Plastic Surgeon, I had "originally" planned on no fake stuff....well plans have changed! I have nothing left of the "ladies" and that just ain't cutting it with the hubby!! lol!! I went to my appointment with the PS and he says that he would like for me to wait until my body has plateau'd at a weight for at least 4-6 months..so I am going back in Mid August to set a date and see about  setting a date...The PS sounds as though like what I am wanting to do will give me good results..so  I am excited! A few of my friends have had a couple of procedures and they have good results..so hopefully I too will have great success!! I hope that all who are just beginning find all the answers they are looking for on this website and that all the ones that I have been following along with are doing well too..I miss you all and hope to hear from you all very soon! God bless!!


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