Last surgery bring on the Exercise...

Aug 28, 2010

You know, for me...EXERCISE used to be a bad word it is something that I strive to be able to do! Isn't that weird?? I am 1 week and 2 days out from what was hopefully my last surgeries...I had a new set of implants put in (larger to fill the loose skin) and a revised upper thigh lift. Boy do my thighs ache! What a bad place to get cut into! It has been rough to get up and walk around! Not to mention, the night I came home from having the surgery, I started my period! What perfect timing..but at least I had pain pills to take care of the cramping! lol!

 I still struggle with my eating..I do give in to temptations...and pay for them later...and I still fluctuate with my weight, but I have a goal set and if I go past it...I have to adjust what I am eating..and focus more on my drinking..I do still get dehydrated..which stinks..cause then I feel crappy ..and worry that I may pass out again...So, it doesn't go away...None of the things we deal with from the beginning ever really go away....But I refuse to gain my weight back. I have come too far and am too hard-headed !!

 I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to feel like myself again. I have a very loving and supportive husband and family that helps out where I need it. My husband works very hard to be able to pay for all of these insurance here..I was always too FAT to be covered before..then there was a 2 year waiting period after my I have had other maybe before i day..I might qualify!! I hope all of you out there are enjoying life to its fullest...Enjoy and treasure today...that's why it's called the PRESENT .....Love to you all  !!! Keep me updated! 


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