10months with progress and hope

May 13, 2009

well I must say that the mind has a tendency to play tricks on you.  I feel heavy as I did but the pics show other wise the last doc visit I spoke to the aprn and she told me to get my before and after pics so that I may remind myself I am not where I used to be.  I am not my goal weight but I refuse to so heavy I can barely move.  Today me and my son walked today got a bite to eat and I became lazy again (mind issue) I thought about the hill I had to climb you see when I first started I could barely make it without stopping or I had to and it was hard for me to breath well today was not a problem and I was in flip flops so what a milestone I have made there are changes to my regimen and eating I still need to make but I am thankful for blessings and changes that have been made.


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