Muhammad Jawad

"My first impression of Dr. Jawad was that he seemed very knowledgeable. His office staff are wonderful! They were all very helpful and supportive. Dr. Jawad is adamant that his patients keep their G-tube for 5 weeks after surgery. This is to insure that patients having issues with eating and drinking do not become hospitalized due to dehydration or malnourisment. Dr. Jawad's office is adamant that they want to see their patients through the duration of their lives. He stresses the importance of regular bloodwork and checkups to insure his patients' health and well being. Dr. Jawad's aftercare program is very structured. Before you leave, they have scheduled you for your next appointment. His office also holds monthly support group meetings. He addressed the risks during a pre-op informational session. I rate Dr. Jawad a 10."
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