A little more about my 1st appointment..

Oct 23, 2010

So I've had the night to think about what all we discussed at my first appointment with the surgeon. He was very nice, and straightforward. He was a fast-talker, like me, so I completely understood him. lol. It may be harder for some people to understand him, but we speak the same language. lol. I had a big list of questions but he answered most of them before I even asked them.

It was pretty funny when he referred to checking for leaks in my intestines as "blowing it up like a bike tire and checking for bubbles" while explaining the actual procedure. lol. I honestly dont see why everyone says he's so serious. He smiled and actually kind of chuckled a bit during our conversation. He does seem very professional, and he talks quickly but he answered all my questions, and didnt seem in too much of a hurry. There was a bit of a wait, about an hour, but it was worth it. After a month of waiting to go to the appointment, I think I would've waited all day if necessary. lol

The only things that really surprised me were the two week pre-op liquid diet, and the fact that I dont have to lose any weight before surgery.. I wasn't expecting the liquid diet before surgery to be nearly that long. I've only heard of a week at most, but if that's what I need to do to get this surgery, I will do it, no matter how grouchy it makes me. I was also expecting to have to lose some weight before surgery, but he said I'm fine as long as I don't gain. My goal is to lose at least ten pounds before he gives me my surgery date. I have my first appointment with the Nutritionist, Chris Zirpoli, on the 16th of November, and I can schedule my psych appointment next week sometime. My goal is to be one of their easiest patients through this whole process.

Dr. Barker said I don't have to really do anything but go to the two appointments for approval, and I can go in for my "decision" appointment with him. He said he doesn't see any problems with me getting the surgery whatsoever, so after the decision appointment, where he'll give me the surgery date, I only see him one more time before surgery to talk about the pre-op diet. I am not looking forward to two weeks of clear, calorie free liquids, but he says it will make the surgery so much easier and will help prevent complications. He prescribed me some iron pills, because I'm naturally anemic, and told me to come back after I get approval from the health psychologist and Nutritionist. I can't wait to see how my appointment with the nutritionist goes. She seems really strict.. I'm kinda nervous. If anyone has had her before, please let me know what you thought of her..


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