Waiting for my 2nd appointment with a surgeon..

Nov 21, 2010

So I was approved on the first try on the 15th of November by my health psychologist, and the next day by the nutritionist. I was all excited to see my surgeon again and possibly get a date, but when I called to schedule my appt I was told that my surgeon has been deployed and I will have to see another doctor for the rest of the process. While I've only seen Dr. Barker once, he seemed like the perfect doctor for me, and I am very nervous about having to switch doctors. As if that isn't enough, I was also told that since all of his patients have to be reassigned to new doctors, there is now a waiting list of more than 15 people who are also waiting to see a new surgeon for THEIR follow up as well. Great..*sigh*. So here I am, waiting for the call from the Bariatric Clinic, telling me who my new doctor is and when I will see them. :o\ Here's to hoping I'll get in soon to see them..

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and holiday season!

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