First Step - DONE!

Dec 14, 2014

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to write that I've finally started getting my whole process on track! 

I decided to go to the clinic that I had always attended as a child, since they had all of my records and they accepted the medical card, and they were just absolutely wonderful! My DR was right on board with me and my decision to have Weight Loss Surgery. In fact, I think I found a new friend! We were speaking in French and about so many things! She's just fantastic! 

Anyway, she's going to give me the referral as soon as we finish checking my health in its entirety. Imagine an extensive physical. We did the blood work on Friday when I first went in, so I should be getting the results soon; hopefully on Monday when I go back. I believe I was ordered a Complete Blood Count, which is the regular sort of set, but on top of that she ordered another, the name of which is escaping me. But basically the point was to get as much information on my health as possible, to check:





On Monday I have an appointment with a cardiologist and I might be getting some x-rays done because she noticed that my heart-rate was quick.

     "I don't know if your nervous or if there's something else." 

I wasn't nervous, but my heart felt normal to me, I'm guessing it was just quick because of my weight and how any little bit of walking around gets my heart pumping to some degree.

Essentially, we're trying to create good form for why I need the WLS, so that when I continue the process I can have documentation of how my weight is affecting my health other than just how I feel.

Obviously I don't want the tests to come out and say I have such-and-such disease, the thought of having diabetes alone is very traumatizing, but I need to accept all of the risks of how I've been living to help prepare myself for my future. Besides, when they took my vitals they mentioned that my blood pressure was a little high, not dangerously so, but it's a sign that the health problems are starting, so I'd like to stop them while I'm ahead.

Thanks for listening!


PS: I'm getting my first good teeth cleaning in a couple of years! I mean I brush my teeth and keep a clean mouth, but there's nothing like visiting a dentist for that really CLEAN feeling. Go health insurance! 


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