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Apr 02, 2015

Hey everyone! So it's been a while since I was last on OH, but since then there have been a lot of great things happening.

I found a bariatric program that works with my PCP and my insurance. I've seen the surgeon and have signed the long term contract that will begin the documentation necessary for my approval.

I might've mentioned this before but I was a bit undecided as to the surgery that I wanted to have, only because I was so sure that I was going for the gastric bypass. After giving it all some thought, after looking at the long-term risks and affects of gastric, looking at where I want my life to head towards, I have decided that I will be applying for the gastric sleeve instead.

There are a number of reasons for this choice but I suppose the biggest one comes down to an opportunity I never really gave thought about; childbirth. Honestly, I have always said I never wanted children even though I absolutely adore my nieces and nephews and people always tell me I would be a great mom. I am going to say that, now, I believe that statement has come from the fear of rejection or for fear that I would never find a significant other that I could share that choice with. That has brought me quite a bit of grief and a lot of my personal choices have probably stemmed from that.

"I'm far too busy to have a relationship."

"I'm not interested in any of the people (guys) I know."

"I have more than enough time to find a boyfriend later, once I've figured out my career."

And many more like these..

But I digress, getting back to my choice for the sleeve, I have come to understand that while it is not impossible for a woman to have children after the bypass, it is more difficult and there are a lot of added risks to the process, mostly stemming from malabsorption. I still believe that I wouldn't want children at this point in time of my life, I can't speak of future me and whatever situation I will find myself in. Again, I understand that pregnancy is not impossible with the bypass, and adding to the fact that I'm actually considered healthy apart form my weight, pregnancy is something I would like to make an educated decision of and I don't want to take away the option or reduce the possibility.

Enough of that though, a couple of other things that are occurring with me:

I'm in the Master's Program and will have both my teaching certificate and my MA around this time next year

There's the possibility of starting a Reference business (although it will be non-profit for the beginning of the whole thing)

The non-profit I founded with my mom will be sending the second set of supplies and clothes for orphans in Honduras soon. Lots of added support this time around!

So things are looking pretty good for me on the whole. I just need a job that will be flexible around my Dr appointments and my classes. Seriously, it's starting to be a big strain on me and is having a huge negative impact on my stress levels, which worries me that I will then be making bad choices for myself; in food, cigarettes (I've quit for a week this Friday!), that sort of thing.


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