You know you have swelling-excess fluid when...

Nov 30, 2009

You lost 36 (yes THIRTY SIX) pounds in 6 (SIX) DAYS! 

Went to OB yesterday for BP check and scale dropped significantly! I had noticed
return of some prepregnancy 'shape' but had wanted to stay off the scale x 2
weeks or so.

Much to my surprise I am only 11 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

BP still high 160/100 today no change in meds still on Labetalol 200mg 2x day
(it is a betablocker) they say may take 2 wk to be effective.

Jazmine had her first pediatric apt yesterday, she is well wants to see her
Friday for quick check that her bilirubin is still falling. He said she was
beautiful, healthy w/o concerns and a seemingly happy and easy going baby.
Gained a few ounces so breast feeding is working! Gene & I really liked doctor
who spent 45 min with us talked and explained and offered support on breast
feeding, sleep routine etc. He is easy going fairly young but in practice 8 year
or so. Sat down faced us asked questions and great bedside manner with our girl,
shook our hands at start and end and made us very at ease, cautious with Jazmine
enough to see her Fri to make sure all is ok due to her early arrival and all vs
waiting typical 2 weeks.

Well I have labs, ultra sound and OB apt today @ 2pm to see how placenta
accreta left inside looks.