6 Months Ago....

Jun 12, 2007

I can't believe how good I feel.  6 months and 90 pounds later, and I'm still getting used to the changes.  I know that my old clothes don't fit, but my mind hasn't caught up with the differences.  I have more energy and stamina, and my nine year old can now put her arms around me, but I don't see the big difference that others tell me they see.

My 6 month check-up with my surgeon went well, and he's pleased with my progress.  Labs all look good - my overall cholesterol is 108.  He thinks I could lose another 20-30 pounds by the time of my surgiversary in December...but even if the weight loss stopped now I would be happy with the results.

I've not done very well with my exercise, and I know that I need to pick it up if I want to maintain my weight loss.  I'm also concerned that I'm eating a lot more than I should be at this stage.  The surgeon said he'd do a scope if I wanted but I really don't want to do any more medical stuff if I don't have to.  I'm fortunate/unforturnate that I don't have any food or eating issues.  Other than staying away from sugar, I can eat pretty much anything.

Work is extremely stressful  -  not helping my exercise goal.  By the time I get home at the end of the day, I'm spent and am not motivated to move.  I've got to literally get off my fanny and get moving.

Hopefully I will post again before another 3 months go by!

3 Months Post-Op

Mar 05, 2007

Wow, it's hard to believe that it has been 3 months since my surgery.  I went for my 3 month follow-up appointment with the surgeon today, and he was pleased with my progress.   I've lost 51 pounds since the morning of surgery.  When I go back in 3 months for my 6 month follow-up, he would like me to be below 200 (gulp).

Funny but I have a hard time seeing any difference - I know that clothes that were too tight now fit and clothes that fit are now too big.  One really cool thing is that Ron gave me a mother's ring (has birthstones of my kids in it) 7 or 8 years ago that I was never able to cram onto my fat stubby finger - well, guess what I'm wearing on my finger right now.

I did do a little shopping this weekend....I can still wear some of my old stuff but was feeling so frumpy that I finally broke down and bought some new stuff.  Thank heavens for the resale shop and Ross - so my shopping didn't break the bank.  

One thing the surgeon did give me a hard time about was exersize...not ever been something I enjoy.  Gotta bite the bullet and find something that I like to do.  I'm making appointments for both Ron and I with the personal trainer at the Y to see if we can kick-start our fitness program.

I will try and post 3 month pictures later - work is a little better but I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for my next opportunity  - either that or Ron better buy the winning lottery ticket.  :)

That's it for now!

Long overdue update

Jan 28, 2007

Well, it's been just about 8 weeks since my surgery.  I'm feeling pretty good, and have lost about 35 pounds since my surgery date.

I've only gotten sick once (yeck), and most everything I eat agrees with me.  Most days I'm getting in all of my protein and most of my water.  At my 6 week follow up with the nutritionist, she did caution me to watch my volume because I guess I'm eating more than the average post-op at a sitting.  I'm trying to watch that, but unfortunately I also have started to feel hunger too.  I'm just hoping and praying that the weight continues to come off.  One thing I need to improve is my exersizing - hopefully, that will keep the weight melting off.

I had a mini "wow" moment yesterday.  I'm still wearing all of my clothes, they are looser but I can still wear them.  Anyway, I went into a plus-size resale shop near my house and bought a suit and two pairs of pants that are a size 20 - 2 sizes smaller than I've been wearing!

Some people have noticed the weight loss and some have not.  I personally don't see it, so it always surprises me when someone asks if I've lost weight.  I'm going to get my husband to take some 8 week pictures for me to post, as a comparison.

Work is completely icky right now, and I'm trying to find another job.  My boss is a nice person but not a nice manager.  Usually when he goes on a tirade, I get all upset and internalize it.  Well, this past week I got mad - and he knew I was mad.  I'm being professional and getting my job done, but he is being cold and distant.  Life is too short to be in an unhealthly environment, so I'm hoping in the next 6 months or so I can find something else.

That's it for now!

Surgery Story

Dec 06, 2006

I'm two days post-op sitting in the recliner with the laptop.  So far, I'm actually feeling pretty good.

Surgery day started out bright and early.  We had to be at the hospital at 6 a.m.  My parents came over to my house (we live in the same neighborhood) around 5.  My mom went to the hospital with my husband and I, and my step-dad stayed at my house to take the kids to school.

We got to the registration area a little before six, and made to the surgical floor shortly after that.  I had my official pre-op weigh in of 273, and changed into this huge surgical gown.  Hospital gowns never fit me, so it was a surprise that this one was so big.

The nurse came in the ask some additional health history questions, and then we went through the dreaded consent forms.  I had to initial next to each risk factor - yikes.

Then the waiting began.  We watched a little of the Today show and tried to relax.  Around 7:20 the anesthesiologist came in.  My mom asked him how old he was 'cause he looked really young.  He assured us he was older than he looked, and that he had a daughter graduating high school this year.  He was very nice, and spent a bit of time finding the best place for the IV (I am a notoriously hard stick).  His patience paid off, because he got it on the first try.  I was impressed that he did the IV himself.  The "happy juice" was soon to follow.

Next the surgeon came in. Dr. Matin is very personable and spent some time talking with all of us.  This is the first time my mom met him, and she felt very comfortable with him.  Ron's gave me a kiss, and away I went to surgery.  

The next thing I knew is that I woke up in the recovery room.  No pain, just very tired.  The nurse told me that everything was fine, and that I would be moved to a room shortly.  On the way to my room, they stopped by the surgery waiting room, but Ron had left to take my mom home.  By the time I got to my room, he was back and met us up there.  I guess I got to my room around 12:30.  I had a private room, but can I tell you this was one of the smallest hospital rooms I've ever seen.  

I just kind of dozed in and out for the rest of the afternoon.  I did tell Ron to go home around 4:30 so he could beat the traffic and get home for the kids.  I nibbled on ice chips, but didn't really want anything else.  The only irritating thing was that the nurses came in several times to check my blood sugar, and I had to keep telling them I'm not diabetic.  After a couple of times, they realized their mistake and didn't ask me again.

Other than that the staff was pretty good.  One of my employer's retirees volunteers at the hospital, and she ran into my husband in the lobby so she popped in for a minute and that was nice.  Also, one of the member's of the support group I've been attending at the hospital stopped by for a few minutes too.  

They took the catheter out around 6 pm and I started walking that evening.  I even got up in the middle of the night (my back was hurting from the bed) and did a few laps around the nurse's station.  The night shift nurses were putting up Christmas decorations, so there were quite a bit of activity all night long.

They brought me a clear liquid breakfast tray, but I was afraid to eat anything until after the leak test.  I finally went down for my upper GI around 9:30, and I was pleasantly surprised not to have to drink as much barium as with my pre-op test (because I had really been dreading that).  I pulled a muscle in my neck trying to turn on the x-ray table, but the test itself went fine and all looked good.

When I got back upstairs, I drank some tea and made a little progress on this nasty chicken broth that was on my breakfast tray.  I walked some more, and by then Ron and my mom were there.  We watched a little TV and walked some more waiting for the doctor to come so I could be released to go home.  He finally came around 3, and I left to go home around 4.

It was great to get home and see the girls.  I just have to work on not letting the dog jump on my lap like he normally does.  Took some meds, and went to sleep around 8:30.

I woke up bright and early this morning, but am probably going to nap in a bit.  :)

Almost There.....

Dec 02, 2006

3 days to go until surgery.  I'm a little anxious, but generally looking forward to the surgery being over and being at home again with my family.   It's really starting to hit me that this might actually really happen.

With all of the time I've spent trying to have surgery, I feel like I should be pretty well prepared.  But I'm starting to wonder...do I really know what I'm getting myself into?  From reading other posts, it sounds like what I'm feeling is pretty common....and even with the little anxiety and doubts that I have right now, I still feel overwhelming positive that this is the next step I should take - that this is my last, best hope.

My daughter's dance class performed tonight, and I ended up telling a couple of the moms that I was having surgery this week.  After getting some unexpected negative reaction a couple of weeks ago, I've been cautious about telling people.  Well, both of these moms were very supportive and offered to help.  It was a nice way to end the evening.

I still have lots to do around the house (Christmas decorating, cleaning, etc.) so tomorrow will a busy day. 

In a Funk

Nov 18, 2006

I'm usually a very "glass is half full" kind of person, but I'm a little unnerved by some of the negative reactions I've had when telling people about my upcoming surgery.

Don't get me wrong, no one had been overtly hostile, but a few people I've told don't get why I would do this. They think it is a big vanity trip, or that I'm weak because I am resorting to surgery instead of more traditional weight loss methods (that I've tried over and over for years). I had a friend ask why I would risk my life to be skinnier, and I found myself defending my decision and 2nd guessing my choices. My director at work, who has always had a prejudice toward obese people, definitely sees surgery as a choice for the weak willed.

Most of the time, I have a very strong sense of purpose about what I'm doing and why. Bottom line is a desire to feel and be healthy - but sometimes, a tiny voice in the back of my head asks if the cure isn't worse than the problem. I've spent a lot of time reading the boards and know that this is far from a complication free procedure. I also can read that the vast majority of post-ops are very happy with their results, but I've read enough of the sadder stories, including memorials, to know that this is not a walk in the park, either.

My surgery is a little over two weeks away, and I would guess it's normal to feel the way I do now. Normally, I don't really care what most people think so I'm surprised at how much I've been bothered by the less than positive response I've had - and the second thoughts I'm having.

Is this really going to happen?

Nov 14, 2006

I have a date - December 5 I will join the loser's side.  Part of me is afraid to believe it, and part of me is overwhelmed with all I need to do before hand - work, home, Christmas, daughter's bday, etc.

Whew....I'm going to take it easy tonight and tackle my various to-do lists tomorrow.

Surgeon Consult Complete

Nov 10, 2006

Had my consult with the surgeon this week.  Dr. Matin at Baylor-Irving is doing my surgery.  I think it went well - he thinks I am a good candidate for the surgery and he thinks I can be scheduled before my insurance change 1/1/07.  Whew....maybe this just really will happen for me.  Part of me is still hesitant to believe it, but I have to say I'm now "cautiously optimistic."  :)

I have 3 pre-op requirements to meet, and I have two of those scheduled for next Monday so at least I feel like I'm making progress.

As I was reading the boards today, I realized that I haven't really thought about what this might mean for me.  During this whole surgery approval process, I've been very focused on what I don't want - and that is to not be age 62 in a scooter like my mom.  Years of morbid obesity zapped her joints to where she's had a bilateral knee replacement and hip replacement and still has mobility issues.  My mom is a brave woman who has been through lots of surgery and rehab, but I would like to avoid that fate if I can.

I've always, or almost always, been the biggest person in the room.  And truthfully I've gotten over where that mattered to me, at least in most situations.  Is it possible that I might become more normal sized?  Wow....I've been about the same size for so long that I don't think I have anything in my closet smaller than a 22.  Could I possibly wear a size smaller than that?  Me?

I'm on my way

Nov 05, 2006

I have been approved by the insurance - yeah!  Now I have switched from insurance approval anxiety to pre-op anxiety.  

I'm looking forward to my consult with my surgeon this week, and am hopeful that all pre-op testing, etc. can be done so that I can have surgery before the end of the year when my insurance changes.

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