Back when I was in high school, probably my sophomore year, I found a doctor in Broken Arrow, OK that everyone called the "weight doctor". Well, I started the program and went from 215 to about 165 in the matter of a summer. The pictures of me were horrible.

I was told my thyroid was not working properly. He'd diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I took this little pill, plus vitamins and about every other week, made the 2 hour trek to Broken Arrow from my home town of Poteau, OK.

Allbeit, I was a student, young and didn't know how to eat and didn't work out at all. The weight just fell off of me. I had one picture taken of me that made me ill, my eye sockets were sunken, you could definitely see my collar bones and I just looked horrible!

After stopping that madness, I started working out and soon I was up to 215 again, but I was healthy and liked how I looked.

Through college, I went on all the fad diets: SlimSLOW, Shakley shakes (which I did loose a lot on), broth diets and soup diets. I must have gained and lost the same 50 pounds forever until it just wouldn't come off anymore.

In 1994, I was in a very bad car accident and my mobility suffered. I'd broken my jaw, so I guess you could add me to the "jaw wired shut" diet, too. I lost SO much weight, I was back to looking like the walking dead (or in my case, limping dead) lol! I got my right ankle fused back in 1998 and was totally pain free until the weight started packing on.

I couldn't work out like I had before and my job was sedintary. So now, I find myself up around 300 pounds, I'm 5' 7". That puts me in the morbidly obese category.

My mother passed away very young of a heart attack, I find myself having heart palpatations and get short of breath pretty easily, but I think I'm still pretty healthy. The doctor I just went to said my bad cholesterol was WAY up there this time... not good.

Well, these days I'm still in a sedintary job. I miss working out SO badly, but I need a kick start to get me back to the YMCA. There's a good one not too far from my house and I have a partner I can go with.. I just have no energy.

I'm pursuing surgery with Dr. Luis Gorospe at Baily Hospital in Owasso, OK. It's just a few miles north of where I live now. I've heard nothing but good things about him and his staff. I'd been to a seminar before, but recently had to go to another one. After a year, they prefer you go back again. No biggie, I enjoyed it.

My first appointment with him is 5-9-08, this Friday! I'm really excited and can't wait to get my life back.

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