Ok, so it's been a while, again...

Mar 31, 2009

I never think about updating this like I used to. lol I guess it's good that there's so much happening that I have other things to do, but I still want to share things here.

We've started shopping at Whole Foods a lot. Different cheeses, different kinds of foods.. it's all exciting for me now!

I've not really had any problems eating anything. I've told myself that sugar is my enemy.. even though I've had a couple of sodas here and there. They really aren't good, "just to make you burp" LOL Not at all! Just don't do it. Keep up the Crystal Light. I have to keep telling myself that! Sodas seemed to bloat me and just make me feel BLEH!

I've dropped SO many inches! Last summer, I was wearing shorts that were 56 waist, right now, I'm buying pants that are 38s! I even tucked in my shirt today and felt SUPER skinny! Everyone at work is noticing and asking me questions. I tell them, head held high. I don't think this is the easy way out at all, but it sure does beat being stuck in that fat body forever.

Now I feel like I'm finally free.. getting free-er by the day! I'm glad I did this for myself most of all, but also for my family and friends.

My father passed away in Feb. It was really hard, but he knew I'd done this so he'd know I was taking care of myself after he's gone. I had lost about 75 pounds at the time of his passing. He's up there smiling with Mom somewhere. I know he knows I'll be ok. Maybe that's what made his passing so different than Mom's. She had a heart attack in her sleep... she was just GONE. He had gone through lung cancer, emphazima and COPD, so we saw him progress until the day he passed.

Things are going good at work, I got a promotion! *sigh of relief*!! My partner just got a raise at her work, the added income is going to be nice, we'll finally get a hold on the bills. I was out of work for 3 weeks and then she was in the hospital in Feb for a week. It's just impossible to get all caught up! Slowly, we will, though.


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