7/16/07: Home post-op and doing better

Jul 16, 2007

I've actually been home for several days, but really didn't feel like sitting in front of my computer.  I'm finally feeling more normal and more like myself.  My sleeve was performed on 7/10.  Spent an extra day in hospital because I was worried about how I felt and was having trouble urinating initially.  Went home on the 12th in the late afternoon (everything resolved).  That was a LONG hour ride home as a passenger!  Felt very tired, like I was hit by a truck.  Initially had a great deal of difficulty with nausea, fullness and getting enough fluid in.  Luckily, they tanked me up in the hospital.  It was a very nice experience.  I had mine done at Celebration Health Hospital in Celebration, FL (Orlando area) with Dr Keith Kim.  Everyone was SO nice and helpful.  Nurses were sweet and supportive.  Dr Kim did a great job!  Highly recommend!  It's my 6th post op day and per the scale this am I've already lost 7.2 lbs!  Here's hoping that trend continues!  I've almost reached my fluid/protein goals, incisions look good, no more nausea to speak of and I'm taking it really slow as far as advancing my diet.  It wasn't a picnic at first.  I definately felt yucky and had some "buyer's remorse", but things are improving.  If any of you pre-ops are slower recovering from surgery/anesthesia like me, take heart!  It does get better!  I'll be posting some before/immediately after hospital photos soon.  Pre-ops:  pls let me know if you have any specific questions.


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Jul 08, 2007

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7/16/07: Home post-op and doing better
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