Hi all , 

So after around 15 years of yo yo weight loss and gain , attempts at Weight Watchers , Scottish Slimmers (im originally from Glasgow) , constant gym and swimming , I have made it back to nearing the 300 lb mark again . I hit 305 around 3 years ago but this time I feel worse . I feel worse than ive ever felt actually .

I've never had any deep personal issues that im aware of that may contribute to my weight gain , both my parents are small people , but my sister , brother and i are all ' heifers ' as we would say in Scotland ! Lol , all happy and all very active . We've always been an athletic family and never let our 'bigness' slow us down . Unfortunately , i feel like im slowing down big time now . Im constantly in pain from my back , i feel so ungainly around my smaller freinds and family , and im noticing things that I just cannot do comfortably anymore , small things like shaving my legs , drying my whole body after a shower ( feel all puffed out !) And just the general feeling of wanting to hide away , itsso much more comfortable to stay home and snuggle up and watch a movie on the weekend rather than get dressed and go out . (Which I used to LOVE ) And of course , the biggest thing , I feel like im short changing my son , I can keep up with him for the most part , but I want to give him all of what I have , go on adventures , show him all the fun things life has to offer , just match his enthusiasm and natural excitement/craziness !!and I feel like my body is holding me back from that . 

I have high Bp , degenerative disc , thyroid disorder and I feel like im dragging my butt constantly . I am fairly young at 36 and I have a livley 6 year old son who , basically , is my motivation in all of this . 

I first began entertaining the idea of Wls early last year when a gf of mine told me about her friend who had done it . She was the same age as me and same situation , same weight ....and I began to think and feel like maybe it was not such a dramatic and ludicrous idea afterall !! 

I discussed it with my husband over the following months and he was wonderful about it . He has always been very supportive throughout (we met when I was 240 lbs , said I was beautiful and 'real' ! Lol ) ....so he gave me the boost I needed to make the final decision to discuss it with my doctor . He also was fab about everything , and sent in my referral on August 2013 . I had my info session on march 31 this year and just met my surgeon (Dr Klein at HRRH)this week ,1st May . I have my appointment with Dr Glazer on June 9th and then my appointment with Sw/Nut/RN on July 4th although I did ask the clinic for cancellations . 

So , that is where im at now , here with you all , and ive got to say , this site has helped me immensely , I feel so comfortable here and informed , and I know it is going to be as big a tool for me throughout this process as the WLS itself . 

I look forward to chatting with you all , hearing about your goals and sucesses , and making some new friends . 

Thanks for reading 

Jacqueline x 

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