The roller coaster

Jul 18, 2014

Today is one of those days that the two time failure had my emotions going up and down.  The first surgery fail wasn't my fault but how do you mark that off your book a fail is a fail.  The crapband about killed me but your mind makes you feel like a complete failure.  What's done is done so move on to failure #2.  The sleeve !  Damn, did I work hard or did I?  I exercised ate right but when things didn't go as I expected I gave up.  Then came the acid reflux made (makes) me hungry all the time.  I hate this. I can't be a 3time failure.  The dr. Recommended I have the bypass last time I didn't listen.   Now with the gerd and reflux I have to listen.  No more grazing no more failure. Time to turn into loser instead of failure. 


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