surg went well 11/16/2010

Nov 18, 2010

surg went well, only took 1 hr and 5 minutes,  i was surprise to learn that i had lost 12 pounds pre op in the 2 week diet required before surgery.. 1st day in hosp walked a  nurses never let u sleep. everyone was impress by the amount of walking  1 mile in less than 24 hrs post of..  very gassy  uughh  they gave me infant gas drops  1 dropper  i felt like drinkin the whole bottle but it helped  liquied percocet made me loopy so they gave me something else that started with a t.....sugar went to loww so thay had me up at  2AM eating ital ice....  next day very cold  even when i got hom  very cold..  wondering when i wll have a bm........all i can do is sip sip sip  isosource punch flaov is not bad....  "drinking" is impossible  trust me all u can do is sip sip sip  mvoving around a little on 3rd day  later h\will take a walk around the block.... also i counted my 6 laserscopic incisions  still a little sore  have to rotate at night..  one did bleed a ltlle while in hodp..the nurses at griffith hospital in derby ct were on point precise and awesome..  made a new friend w/ hosp roommate..... will try to keep up on progress.


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