I've been toying with the idea of having WLS for the last few years. I've started the journey towards surgery a couple times but quit each time due to insurance hassles and a lingering belief I could and should be able to lose the weight on my own. This time there is no turning back, I’m having the surgery.

I probably wouldn't be at this point if I hadn't just recently been laid off from my job. The current economic crisis was the reason given but I know that my obesity played a role in my departure. Early in the year I had no choice but to start working from home full time. My back and knees started to quit on me and I became very self conscious about my appearance. Although I could do my job just as well, if not better from home, management just couldn't seem to adjust to my absence.

There are lots of cons to losing your job but in my case there are lots of pros. First, I'm now forced to pay for the surgery myself since I don't have insurance through my employer. You can't believe what a relief this is. Sounds crazy but dealing with insurance companies is so painful and demoralizing. Second, I now have the time to have surgery and recuperate. Before I never made time for my health.

I still have that nagging thought in my back of my mind that I should be able to conquer obesity myself. I'm not ready to admit I can't do it but its obvious I'm not doing it. I've got to do something and the time is now.

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