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Well, its official I am no longer a stand by reading about what it's like to have surgery as yesterday I crossed over to the other side of this new life!

I'm thankful for this site, the forums and good advice/encouragement.

I'm still

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Last week I was approved for surgery. Yea… so excited! Anyway a couple things of varied topics…

1 – not a big deal but I want to add my surgery date to my profile, but not my surgeon so when I try to add new surgery it says surgeon is req

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I'm currently prepping for surgery ... basically waiting to be submitted to insurance.

I've been losing about 1-2 pounds a week during this prep stage. But last month I began to stall out and I'm in a bit of a food rut.


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Before last week I didn't know which surgery, I would be pursuing... RNY or VSG. 

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So I'm prepping for surgery - this is month 5 of 6 (minimum of 6 months but could be more depending on various factors). I see the surgeon this month and I haven't decided yet which surgery I want. I'm really close to 50/50 - maybe a slight lean to hav

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Hi. I've been on this website before. I must have created a profile and never came back. 🤷🏻

Anyway... I'm currently preparing for surgery and I'm interested in finding people with common ground to chat with.

Hope this post is the

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