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VSG 5/15/2008

I was 39 and miserable with my life, my  job, my boyfriend, my kids...I was miserable. January of 07 I had left work for carpal tunnel syndrome surgery. While out on disability one day mid January of 07 I suddenly couldn't walk. I couldn't even stand straight up. For three weeks I walked in an "L" shape. It took several weeks to find an MRI big enough to squeeze me in. Three herniated disks later, bursitis and something else I can't pronounce, along with a diagnosis of diabetes, and I had finally had enough pain. 

Jan 07 weighing in around 345 (I stopped getting on the scale) or buying them so they would actually accurately weigh me
Jan 07-July 07 Atkins approach and loss of 50 lbs
July 07-Oct 07 Medifast approach and loss of another 49 lbs
Oct 07-Jan 08 My approach and GAIN OF 52 LBs

Jan 08- Present VSG approach (went in for the lap band came out with VSG decision)
May 15, 2008 VSG at Sinai in Baltimore, MD
May 15- DEC09 LOSS OF 150 LBS
to be continued.....


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