I Have Risen From the Dead

Jul 30, 2013

I love my friend celticfaery...she is now a DSer...and still loves us very much...

I am Beth...i started this group about five years ago..I lost my way when my mother died in 2010 and my father died in 2012 and it just compounded my emotional issues.

I started this journey in 2008 when my all time high weight was 355 plus...i stopped weighing...

I had my VSG in May of 2008 at 309 lbs...

I had a panniculectomy in 2009 at 210 lbs or thereabouts

I reached my lowest weight in 2009 of 189

I am now as of 7/30/2013 fluctuating right around 240.

I had gotten up to 250 last year(and get this I did it with donuts on purpose) I wanted to get the DS to finish my journey because I gave up trying to do it on my own with the VSG...and the doc told me I didn't weigh enough....so donuts got me there...

then the surgeon messed up my paperwork, labwork, and it was a heartbreaking drama of errors on the highly esteemed surgeon's part.

I take that as a sign I am not supposed to have the DS.

I feel like now, five years later, I can make my sleeve work for me again. I can reclaim the power I have over my eating and exercising and I can gracefully watch this weight fall off again.

This group has grown so much since I left. I wonder how everyone is doing. I am going to enjoy reading all the successes and heartbreaks just like mine and those different from mine. I am back now and I am not leaving again...lord willing and the creek don't rise.

New pic coming soon...


Mom Died 2/10/10

Mar 03, 2010

I am completely shot emotionally and physically....talk about a trainwreck...

I have never lost anyone close to me and now I am glad I hadn't...I probably woudln't have been able to handle it as a kid...

My weight has climbed and I am staying away from the scale right now..I am just now trying to get my crap together as she died on 2/10/10 and I did most of the arrangements and her hair and makeup.

I took a uhaul's worth of stuff home that belonged to her. I am a mess.

One day at a time sweet Jesus. That was one of her favorite songs.

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I blew my carb count already!!! Phooey

Dec 07, 2009

I wanted to stay under 20 for the whole day but now I am at 24...oh well I will plan better tomorrow! phoooey!

Just Use The "Add Post"Above

Dec 06, 2009

:-) OH is so good to us..they really are!

VSG150+ Biggest Loser Challenge Blog Is ON!

Nov 23, 2009

Use this blog to post anything and everything that you want to share while participating in the Biggest Loser Challenge With A Twist. I am sure it will help many women and men to come.

This is such a great idea. Thanks Rosey for thinking about it!  

And another one bites the dust he he he....

Sep 14, 2009


196 and getting ready to celebrate 195 :-)

Sep 14, 2009

yep...www.shrinkyourself.com and get the book SHRINK YOURSELF by Dr. Robert Gould...it works!
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198 and not looking back

Sep 10, 2009


200 and counting

Sep 03, 2009

Ok, here is my prayer:

Dear Lord,

For all the world to see I am fighting the good fight of faith to conquer the food fight within me. I need your help not only to raise my kids but also see this old fight within me to the end. I have faith in the power of praying to you that you will take this desire to overeat from me. You gave me the shrink yourself program and are helping me gain my power back. For this I am grateful. Your grace has no limits and my family thanks you.

Love in Jesus' name,


201 and counting...LOL

Aug 31, 2009

How many times can I celebrate ONEDERLAND?
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