Well l have finally reached a total weight loss of  211.7 lbs as of May 31st 2007.

Started this adventure January 2006 at 399.7 lbs.  Met with Dr. M. Lutrzykowski in July 14th 2006 and l weighed in at 369 lbs.  Dr. Lutrzykowski put me on a strict diet and the day of my surgery, Thursday September 7th 2006, I weighed in at 330 lbs.  Since then it has been down hill from there.

I now weight 188 lbs as of May 31st 2007.  It sure has not been a easy ride for me.  l have had alot of problems with vomitting and the trotts and l have been in and out of hospital several times with enzyme issues.

Saw Dr. Lutrzykowski and he is very pleased with my progress and would like to see my weight loss slow down some, so l am now on new medication to help so this down.  Time will tell.

That's all for now !

 SW 399.7/CW 188/GW 150

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