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almost at 1 year post op

Oct 15, 2008

It has been a while since I posted here.
I am now working part time at our local hospital as a cna on a very busy floor.
I love it!
I just finshed training to be a unit clerk and monitor observer.
I now need to train on the desk.
I was taking anatomy and alg 1, but am only taking alg 1.
I may be ditching that too.
I am down over 125lbs since I began this journey.
I feel wonderful, and want to stay that way. 
With watching out for my Dad, who is in a residental home, school, cna, teaching dance, and doing Mary Kay, I need to cut back on somethings.
When I began the cna thing, it was to get a job, then I started the rn thing and may have to put that on the back burner.
I have deceided to buy Kinderdance from my partner, and will become a sales director in Mary Kay.
Of course, my Dad is a high priority.
My marraige is going very well.
My kids are coming in from IN for a friend's wedding next month. I think Kaela will be moving back, but that remains to be seen.
My health comes first, everything else is next...

100lbs gone-normal bp w/o meds-full time cna job!

May 06, 2008

I just weighed in at he wls office, one week early from my 6mo anniversary and I am down 99.5lbs to be exact...next week is my official 6mo and I will be down 100lbs then. I am speaking my future right now! 
I have been off the bp meds for over a week and my bp was 120/80. 
I was called, yesterday, to see if I would come to work as a cna next week! 
Oh yeah! 
I haven't graduated yet and I am full time!
I am solvent, driving a new Toyota Corolla!

I am a CNA

Apr 19, 2008

I took my CNA test last week and I passed. I am offically a Certified Nursing Assistant in Californa. I am waiting for the official letter with all the numbers so I can get a job. I will blog more later. I will keep my eyes on what and only what I have controll of, and right now that is not much...  

' thank God for my wls

Apr 03, 2008

I Thank God for this wls. I continue to feel better than I have ever felt. I am on the homestrech of nursing classes, dance classes are going well, and my Mary Kay is taking off again, all due to my increased phyisical and mental well being. I am so sad when I hear of others who have had more than their fair share of commplications with their wls and I know how blessed I am having such a breeze with mine. I do not take that for granted. I am enjoying the attention from people who are shocked to see me. I have been receiving "leg" complements almost everyday from my Dad (ew), friends, and strangers! Sexual relations with my dh have increased, always a good sign. I am greatful for all the things that have come from having wls. Aside from the energy surge, is the lack of appitite. Having that gone has been like having a monkey taken off my back. What a relief!

like a kid

Mar 21, 2008

I feel like a kid. I stayed up late last night 'cause I didn't have school today and I am here posting because I want to do that at least once a month. I feel like a kid should feel. I have never felt like this in my life. I have the weight loss, improved health, and look great, at a high weight no less, yet look and feel wonderful. I am at a stage in life where I appreciate these things without the raging hormones and constant hunger laying seige to my life. I am instataneously sad and then I recover, that I experienced that for so many years, the migranes, the never ending hunger, the mood swings, the horrible periods. I am the new improved me. As far as looking good at a high weight, I must not get lulled into settling for anything less than health. The bmi does not lie! I may settle for a high healthy bmi, but will get there and see. I am trusting my own inner voice to guide me. It is about freakin' time! 

full tilt boogie is signing in

Feb 19, 2008

I want to write here at least every month, so here is my Feb musings. I am the oldest cna student in all of the classes, I am older than the teachers and I am getting an A so far. We will be going into the clinical setting tomarrow and I am looking forward to it. My dad is being placed in a home here in Santa Maria in a week or so. He is in stage one of dementia. I am sad that he ison't going to be in his own place, but it will be safer for him to be watched 24/7. I need to come up with 180 a month to help him out with the bills. I will be asking for a weekend swing shift job at the home we will be at tomarrow. I hope to get it. They need weekend workers...I am feeling wonderful. I have been filled with so much energy since hitting my second post op month. I am almost to onderland and my goal is to be 100lbs down by my 6 mo checkup. Life is good, I am busy and I have never felt so great. I just got new glasses that are burgandy with crystals, very chic. I am going to Career Conference at the end of March. I got through Cara's birthday and her third anniversary fine. I was third of the wait list for school and I was bumped to no. one, it was her birthday! I am hitting the thrift shops once or twice a week, I have to. I have found scrubs, Mary Kay buisness attire, shoes, the works. I hate paying retail. I did get a cowgirl shirt for 9.99 at the boot  barn, I did buy my cna uniform and shoes at the uniform shop, but all the mentioned were way discounted. I will be buying my cuff and stethascope in the morning, maybe. I really need to watch my pennies. I am doing more MK, it saved my tush with all the school expenses. Kim covered my books and tuition. I will pay him back. I live in my car, there are dance bags, cna backpacks, Kinderdance suitcases and props, mary kay bags for classes and deliveries. Kim just put in a new battery for me. I need to get to bed now....


Jan 04, 2008

I am angry. I have a very low bs tolerance. I used to be easier going. My partner asked me to travel out of town once a month to train the new girl. Why can't the new girl come to me? She only comes up to teach from school. So what? I told her I was not sure with my new school deal. I did not know how much homework I would need to do on my off hours. (I will do it once having the entire dance choreograhed and teach it to her then). Before, I would just say, ok. Now, not so free and easy. I want to get this cna class done well, after re-arranging the dance classes and all. I am crankier at night. Morning is better. This is no surprise, I do better in the am. I feel like I can take on the world in the morning, at night, I cry, feel weak, moody, the works. I am sleeping much better than pre op. I nap when I can, the other night I slept   over 10 hrs. I had the runs the next day, I think I was fighting off an intestinal bug. I lost 7lbs last week, I can feel it when I lose the larger amounts. I feel more drained. This has happened only twice, but there is a difference between a week with 7lbs vs. 3lbs. I saw two friends at church yesterday, one said I looked gaunt and the other said 7lbs was too much to lose in one week. Wrong responses to a woman who no longer can over eat to stay calm! I told them both to stop saying things like that, I wanted this wls to lose the weight. My pastor came in later and said how great I was doing and how proud of me he was. I think I will whip out my jelly belly the next time someone says I am losing too fast or much and show them the extra 80 still hanging on my bod.

and away we go...!

Dec 28, 2007

I noticed I haven't posted since Nov so here it  goes. 
I am amazed by not only the weight loss, steady, but my attitude. 
I was informed by my boss/business partner that I receive half pay on some of my new classes and that if we did not make more money we would have to sell or fold the business. These are facts, so I got busy looking into re-training, thinking med asst. 
On my way to our local college to investigate more, I stopped into my pcp office to weigh in. The wild child nusrse listened to my story and said screw that, become a rn! 
At first I though no, I can't do that. Then I remembered over 30 yrs ago wanting to become a nurse living in Santa Monica, taking some of the pre classes. 
I went to the college, got a great counselor, and checked both med asst and rn out. 
Med asst takes a full year, to become an rn I need to become a cna, then lvn, then rn. 
Well cna takes 5 mos and you go right to work, wait to get into the lvn program, the into the rn program. I am about to go back to school and become a cna. 
Cna's are not at the top of the medical field, they work hard and do alot of the grunt work. At least I would be working! 
My dance is not paying the bills, so I rearranged my dance classes and will start classes on Cara's birthday. 
I have many of the pre req classes, but will re-take them while waiting for the lvn program. 
This will not be easy, but I am willing to do this. 
I keep reminding myself that anyone who can bury their precious 21 yr old daughter then speak and sing at her memorial can do anything. 
I know you are behind me my angel....

Post op tales

Nov 24, 2007

I went out to apply for yet another job, was handed an app. by the manager, filled it out and when I asked what was next, she says they would call when something was open. I asked, was there anything open now, she says no, they just hired two people last week. Ok, is it just me post op or was I just screwed? She did not tell me up front that there was nada available, letting me fill out the paperwork, so she could use me later if she needed to. Maybe it is me on shakes...or maybe it is me not digging the bs anymore. I went to Ross, asked for an app. and then asked if they were hiring. Yes they were. In the last year I have filled out over ten apps without an interview. I just want to get my foot in the door somewhere to make a little extra to pay off my debts. I have a contract on base, I have waited for over 6mos this frigging thing, postponing plenty, it is just happening, but not near the level that I need, it will build, but in the mean time, with my surgery, holidays, etc...I am not being paid as much as usual and that was not great to begin with. I feel great and could handle another part time job. I have my fingers crossed for a yes... 

Pre op/Op/Post op/Plumbing anyone?

Nov 15, 2007

Ok, as usual, lots and lots has happened. I will begin with the fact that dh did not like the idea of me getting wls. Then he got informed, and changed his mind. As of lat he has been wonderful...a little too wonderful in hind sight... Pre op, dh took me to SB where we saw my surgeon taking off in his car out of the parking structure with a surfboard on top! Only is SoCal, I love it. 9:30am arrivial for 1:15 surgery, incase of extra time, or bail out. Arrived to a general pre op center, not just wls. My roomy was an older gal with dh from back east, Italian, bad attitude. I begged for earplugs! Nothing was good enough, she bad mouthed the staff, puffed herself up, and then the most horrid thing of all...she put on Martha Stewart doing a Thanksgiving show! I have been dieting and clear liquid fasting for a few days...oh the horror! This nasty behavior continued 'til 2pm. Yes no 1:15 for me. She was wheeled out, thank God, and I was next. The staff was great, except a guy took my table and never brought it back. I made dh get me another. Rolled into surgery. Dh kissed me goodbye, went to Elmer's the bar, his second home. I got my happy juice and woke up in recovery. Great people there. Brought to my room late in pm. New roomy, alchoholic, semi psycho, older broad. Oh my God. I was zonked out and hear this beeping, then this shrill voice from behind the curtain screeches, "turn that darn thing off" I say it's not my fault, call a nurse, my iv was through and need to be replaced. More beeping, my battery was low, that was fixed. The nurse left and I yelled "YOUR'E WELCOME!" Not another word was exchanged 'til later next day.The night shift, I get pain shots, I walk, I pee, I burp, good pain in diaphram, nurses say it's gas. I sleep, get vitals done. There were two Ava's working and they were both awesome. One was slavic the other hispanic. Both great. I am swabbing my mouth, after two or three shots of morphiene, I want something lighter, Ave gives me Elixor, oh yeah perfect. I am walking sleeping peeing great, no big deal, diaphram still hurts, no biggy. Morning shift takes over, they are ok, new nurse is different, white gal, questions everything, doesn't trust patient input. I am wrong, she is right, she will have to check. Ok, there is a cute resident that is a hoot. One of Thoman's lackies comes in, an oriental gal, nice. I get to eat and drink.I don't throw up.  New nurse shoots me with a third shot of pain meds, can't remember what, but not as good as the first two. Ava said I would be taking the elixor at home so I don't care. I tell new am nurse, Helen or Nancy, it's time to go home. She says not with that pain in my diaphram. Well Thoman and cutie pie resident came in before this and informed me that he repaired a good sized hiatal hernia. Ah Ha that is why my diaphram was sore. Helen or Nancy, whatever her name was, called the resident. Cutie pie, asks me if I can breathe deeply, I showed him, and he says  I'm out of here with a wink, cause he is so funny. I asked Nancy Helen to call dh on his cell phone. She tells me to call him.  I do not have his number. She comes back with only the house number and I know the pre op gal put his cell on the paperwork. dh had called eairler. He shows up a little while later. I put on my makeup and we leave. We stopped off to see my dad. Went to Wally world to get pain meds and was home by 1:30pm. Took a few rounds of meds...sipped walked did laundry napped this was Tues. Slept fine, the usual up to pee every three hours. The rest of the day fine same as Tues. Monitored meds and times. Mail came. David was over and had embarassed his dad my showing up at Elmer's. They came home and talked. I got my cell bill where I find several text messages to and from him. I wait for David to leave, call David to see if this number was his mom's, no. I ask dh, he says it must be Mike's, no. It is a woman from Elmer's who is lonely that he is trying to help find Jesus. Flirting yes. Physical no. Do I believe him, no. He comes in to speak with me bla bla bla. I am calm. I call the number, no answer. Next day, I leave a message. I will be calling Pastor today and we will get to the bottom of this nasty barrel. He had plumbing done in my shower while I was gone. I bet that wasn't the only plumbing going on around here.Last meds, 3pm, there was more and more time inbetween doses. Yeah me. I feel fine, except for the lack of major trust. 

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