MommaAngel 18 years, 10 months ago

HI LAURY I just want you to know that I am praying that you will have a quick and smooth recovery to the losing side. LORD BLESS

Charisse F. 18 years, 11 months ago

Laury- Congrats on your blessing! May the peace of our Lord be with now and always. You are in my prayers.

Sharon Neva 18 years, 11 months ago

LAURY~~BEST WISHES ON YOUR WLS JOURNEY~~ May the world hug you today with its warmth, and love.....Pray it whispers a joyful tune in your heart.....And may the wind carry a voice that tells you there is a friend sitting in another corner of the world wishing you well!~~

JC C. 19 years ago

Laury - I read your post about your son and his chivalry and I just want you to know that with that kind of support, you will not fail. I know that living like you are is difficult and there are days that you wish there was a magic wand, or a potion, but humility and the belief in love is more powerful a tool than you could ever hope for. You know where you are, now let's see where you can go. There are many of us here to keep you on track, so be patient and keep your thoughts happy. Jen

KathieInHawaii 19 years ago

Laury, I also suffer from Pseudotumor Cerebri and have for 10 years. I had an Open RNY on August 7, 2002 and have lost 84 pounds so far. The change has been dramatic!!! So far all my PTC symptoms have gone away!!! My vision has returned to normal and my optic nerves are no longer in jeopardy. I was on 24 medications a day before surgery, had to have lumbar punctures all the time and even had chemotherapy for pain management. All that has stopped! I am only taking my Thyroid medication now. No more Lasix! No more Diamox!! Life is good!! Feel free to contact me if you want to talk. Hang in there hon!!! There is a way out of your disease. Hugs, Kathie (in Hawaii)..................

Leslie E. 19 years ago

I'm sorry to hear of your eye problem. I hope you can get the needed weight off, to help it.My best wishes for your tests you have to take.God bless you. Leslie

ChickpeaBree I. 19 years, 3 months ago

Laury, I had medicare primary and QMB medicaid secondary. they paid for everything! and it was all approved within 3 weeks time too. In fact the surgeon's office went ahead and made my surgery date that first appt because they know that medicare WILL pay for it. medicaid picks up what medicare does NOT pay, just hang in there..get a good primary physician referral and all should go well! Bree breeCHICKpea

Margarita B. 19 years, 3 months ago

Hi Laury thank you very much, and I wanted to droop a line to tell to not to lose any hope, I'll have you in my prayers. GOOD LUCK!!!!

laury 19 years, 4 months ago

thank you Vickie, I will tell my doc about this surgeon, and see if i can find his phone # to contact him and try to get this roling...Tucson is a growing city, and needs these doctors to start looking here. God bless you in your journey,

Moma V. 19 years, 4 months ago

Hi Laury, My name is Vickie Linke, I am still pre-op but I wanted to tell you to look up a Dr. Dave Richards, he just recently moved to your area and he specialized in Lap surgery here. He said he wouldn't be starting with Lap there tho, but he would try to motivate the hospital to DO IT! Perhaps if you could locate him and tell him about this site, he "might" start working on the hospital sooner. He don't know me from a hill of beans, though so if you talk to him just mention this site. He is an excellent surgeon also. hugs and prayers
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