back surgery and regaining weight

Jul 14, 2012

hi all its been a long time since i posted. I had a beautiful baby girl named Kaitlin on Marh 15, 2010... I also in 2010 had a 3 level lumbar fusion with 3 level disc replacement. It has been a long and painful 2 years which has spun out of control and caused weight gain and depression. I have GOT to get back on track and get back to loosign weight. I did not do all of this to get back to morbid obesity! So im back and will be watching the forums for advice and support.  


Jul 29, 2009

Well after trying for several years and thousands of dollars of infertility treatment..... I got pregnant on my own. I am currently 7 weeks and am very excited!

100 pounds!!!

Feb 23, 2009

I havent posted in awhile but I have lost 100 pounds.... It has been challenging and rewarding!!! I feel great and have gained self confidence...  I wish everyone luck out there and I am happy to have made it to this milestone!!!!


9 weeks post op

Dec 29, 2008

Wow its been wayyy to long since i have posted anything on here. I have been blogging on my myspace page. I have been feeling really well. I have been sleeping good. I have lost so many inches. I have lost 70 pounds. I am so glad I made this decision.


3 weeks post op

Nov 19, 2008

I am so happy to say that all the pain has mostly gone away and I have lost 41 pounds so far and have more energy than I have had in years!!! I am still only eating cottage cheese, refried beans, turkey, chicken, string cheese, eggs, sf pops & protein shakes. But I am happy to have these things.  I am walking and riding my recumbent bike. 

4 days post op

Nov 01, 2008

well, i had my rny on 10/28/08. I must say that nothing could have prepared me for the pain that I had. My stomach and left side hurt worst than anything EVER!!!  Even here at home 4 days later I am still hurting. my left side pulls and its tough to move around and walk. I feel like something to going to rip inside my stomach. I am hoping that each day the pain will get better. I am still glad I had the surgery but I do wish to get over this part quickly.

I have lost 19 pounds before surgery and 4 pounds since surgery.


Sep 10, 2008

     OCTOBER 28th 2008 is my surgery date!!  HIPHIP HOORAY!!!!!!  


Sep 02, 2008

I am sooo excited! I finally got approval from the insurance company. Now I am waiting on an actual surgery date!!  I will be able to start my new life before long!

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