It's been three years since my surgery

Sep 26, 2010

It's been three years since my surgery.  Life is good. I continue to be active with lawn bowling, golf and swimming year round.  In the winter I alley bowl, curl and do aquafitness.  This winter I am looking forward to getting a few ski trips in.  I gave that up about 10 years ago but it is a favourite sport and I hope to return to it this year.

I have maintained my weight loss quite well but have gained a few pounds. So I have  joined Weight Watchers with my husband and hope to return to my post weight loss low.  I have 7 pounds to go to my lowest weight and will make it soon.

I do have one problem that I didn't know about prior to surgery that is caused by weight loss surgery.  It is called Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia.  It is a nasty complication that is difficult to predict and hard for GP's to understand. 
My blood sugar drops very very low after a meal within 2 hours. This is difficult for my doctor to grasp because I am a diabetic and my sugar should rise after a meal.  The symptoms are awful.  There is a good article in the New England Journal of Medicine if you are experiencing this problem.

To deal with this I am never without some access to food or sugar tablets.  I cope pretty well but this thing can creep up on you and leave you in a bad state.

Weight loss surgery is still a very viable option for the morbidly obese. It has improved my quality of life and has probably saved me from a premature death.
As I said "Life is Good" Keep smiling .


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