12 Years Later

Jan 06, 2019

Hello.  I'm now 12 years out from gastric bypass surgery. Wow, it's been a while. I'm happy to say I am keeping the weight off, currently 151 pounds. 

I still have food intolerances, especially sugar and lactose.  I can eat cheese, but no milk or ice cream, sugar-free or otherwise. 

I walk regularly, mostly outside.  I dread the treadmill. I plank and do some yoga at home. 

I must admit the I have gained and lost weight over the years, at one point I was a little over 190 at a doctor's appointment.  I got that back under control quickly.

One of my biggest successes is being consistent on  weighing daily.  When I stop that, I gain weight.  When I keep it up, I keep the weight off.

Good luck to you all.  Keep positive, but allow the dips.  





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