Herbal supplement for anxiety

Apr 04, 2016

hello my fellow supporters.   

I am in need in some help.  I have bad anxiety.  I've been on Ativan.  But then I was also put on Zoloft.    Which sent me to the e.r  due to suicidal thoughts.  Thank goodness I didn't have a plan.   I also saw a psychiatrist  but she put me on another anti depressant called celexa.   I don't want to take it cause I'm afraid of what happened last time.  Can anyone tell me if there is a chamomile supplement for anxiety.   I'm just being cautious on what I put in my body.  I don't like all this bandage of medication.   The dr say after a major surgery like this your body goes into shock because of weight loss.  Hormone dumping.   Anyone experienced this? I'm only 3 months out.  Please help me on this.  Thank you ????


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