Super Seven Switchiversary!

Nov 24, 2015

If you're keeping track... Today (11/19/11) is my 7 year switch-i-versary... One of the greatest things I've ever done. Have maintained more than 150 lbs weight loss since the surgery. A little tougher this year since some unrelated medical issues and menopause have decided to team up and interfere but I persevere. Thank God for Dr Mitch Roslin at Lenox Hill Hospital... He is a rock star!

God has made me pretty much a model for the DS, altho--because of my several autoimmune diseases --I'm down a few quarts these days.I always claimed that, for the most part, I didn't have a huge appetite even, tho I was fat. Most of my post-DS results have proved me out. 

Maintaining my weight loss has been terrific but then I eat healthier than ever (5 small meals daily, where 1-2 of the meals are as simple as an apple or 2 oz of raw almonds). I stay away from refined carbs, almost always eat sugar-free... yet I enjoy food more than ever. Having a cutoff point is awesome. I never did stretch my belly back.

Due to some severe stressors over the past couple of years, I did fall behind in my supplements which didn't help my other issues much. Most importantly, everyone should know that vitamin deficiencies affect the mind as much as the body, so don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling very depressed and coincidentally register low D, for example. Thank God I'm back on that track.

It is my pleasure to "be here"... in every way!

Blessings always.


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