Well I didn't start my story yet because I didn't know what was going to happen yet, but yesterday I went to my 10 day diet class and that was the breaking line. I started my 10 day diet today and yes it sucked. I thought I was going to die before it was over....it still isn't over but I was thinking about it and I am the one that wants this nobody else...... I can do it.....I have a 2 year old and that is one thing that makes it hard she eats anything and everything. Anyway I am scheduled for surgery on Monday the 17Th of Nov, just 9 more days away....getting a little shaken. So i had my surgery on Nov 17Th and had complications due to a bowel obstruction and had to have an emergency surgery on Nov 18Th... I was in the hospital for a week which was OK I loved my nurses..... I came home on Friday the 21st .  I had a lot of nausea and dizziness that was really rough.  I really couldn't get anything down the protein shakes made my nausea worse and so did water.  I went to the ER on the 5Th of Dec, because the nausea just keep getting worse... they just took X-rays, gave me nausea meds, and gave me some IV fluids and sent me home.  On the 6Th of Dec the nausea was still really bad so I called my Doc and I got the on-call Doc (which I don't care for) and she called me in some different nausea meds and she told me to go to wal-mart and get a different protein drink.... My Doc wasn't very happy! I went to my 2 week check up and I had lost 20 lbs yeah for me.... Ok so I started eating pureed foods which are heavier and my nausea went away.... I am now 4 weeks out and feeling great....except for the emotional roller-coaster (due to family problems). 

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