One year out and Happy New Year

Jan 01, 2009

Wow...what a year I have I sit here reflecting on this past year I don't know where to begin...I first and foremost want to thank our Heavenly Father for all the blessing he has bestowed upon me and my family, also I would like to thank Dr. Currie for preforming my RNY on 12-19-08 and for all you on this page that have supported me.   I still can't believe that I have lost 104lbs and lost a total of 58"....It blows my mind....My yearly check-up was great....blood work continues to be a ok, and Dr. Weiger just told me to contiue doing what I am doing and I should still lose wight with out a lot of effort...I am not sure if I want to lose to much more...maybe another 10 pounds, but I will not be upset it I stay at my current weight.  He also told me that I can start looking for a plastic surgeon come springtime.  It all still seems like a dream that I don't want to wake up hubby and children tell me all the time how proud they are of's still kind of hard accepting compliments sometimes....but I still take it one day at a my son just said, "MY LIFE MUST BE SPONSORED BY MCDONALD'S, CAUSE I'M LOVIN IT"...I really do love my life and count my blessings everyday....sorry for rambling, it's been a while, YEAH FOR ME.....Continued blessing to all of my OH friends...


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