Finally an update

Jul 08, 2007

So everyone is looking for an update . . . Here it is.  At 2 weeks post I was over 30lbs down.  I also got very sick and wound up in the hospital for 2 days.  It took quite a while to feel better.  I am now back to work.  A little tired but I am ok.  As of last week I have lost a total of 45lbs since day of surgery.  I am very surprised!
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it's over

Jun 14, 2007

Well, I managed to loose 9 lbs before surgery!  And since I came home on sunday have lost an additional 16 lbs.  Dr. Moon is thrilled and said he has never seen that much of a loss in that short of a time.  
Now as for being in the hospital - what can I say it pretty much sucked.  I was in a good amount of pain for a lot of the time.  And I itched like crazy.  Not everyone had a timely response to the call button and sometimes I would sit for at least 15min with a response.  (not like I really hit it that often).  At first you can only walk if they come and unplug you and that takes a while.  But then they tell you how you really need to be up and walking but hey it isn't easy I can't unplug myself.  AND MAKE SURE THEY PUT THE PHONE BY YOUR BED.  They didn't with me and when it rang - I knew it was my kids - I actually reached for it and wound up in excruiating pain.  All things considered it wasn't my worse experience in the hospital.  And I am doing well. 
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to be or not to be

Jun 04, 2007

I have spent the last week worried if I was normal.  I have not been overly excited or anxious or nervous about my wls on thursday.  I hear all the time how people are very nervous or excited and I am not.  People ask me all the time and I just say nope I think I am just in a blah mood.  But I finally realized as I just responded to someone else's post, that I am at peace with my decision and this would be why I am not overly anxious.  As for the excitement - I don't need more of that in my life so why ask for it.  I may or may not be normal but at this point who care's.  THIS is for me and not for everyone else.  And to those out there in the same boat - you are not alone.

crying in my beer

May 31, 2007

not really.  I don't drink but I am defenitely upset enough to.  I have gained 3lbs and my dr is not happy.  I have one week to lose it or else I have to have my surgery open.  I will be trying like crazy, keep your fingers crossed.  Other than that everything is ready for next week.  Nope still not excited more like I am just ready to get on with it.  
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congrat's to me

May 14, 2007

I should have updated last week but I was so excited I forgot.  I finally have my date.  June 7th is my day.  I can't beleive it is finally happening.  YEAH ME!!

done whinning!

May 04, 2007

I promise no more whinning until after my surgery.  I will find something constructive to do until the moment comes that I get approved.  I will quit eating everything in sight because of frustrations and guilt.  I am not responsible for someone else's mistakes and will not ruin the progress that I have accomplished so far.  Please just hurry up and get here.  

I am tired.

May 01, 2007

Ok here is the scoop . . . On wednesday, my dr. sent in for ins approval.  On monday a got a inquiry letter from the insurance saying they needed a ton of info. before they could approve me.  The letter was dated the day before the dr sent the info.  Uh excuse me but the dr office sent that in and why the date confusion.  So I have spent the better part of two days on the phone with the ins and the dr.  Well they have supposively straighten it out and I should have an answer in the next few days.  In the meantime, I will be calling the ins every day until approved.  I don't blame the dr I blame the INS.  People really don't care how big of a hurry you are you that your patience is on it's last leg.  Until I have better news . . .        

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My measurements

Apr 23, 2007

I finally broke down and did as I was told.  I took my measurements and they are as follows: 
Arm 15.5 inches
Calf 17.5 inches
Thigh 26.5 inches
chest 45 inches
waist 48.5 inches
Bust 53 inches
Hips 48 inches.
So that is done and later when I feel like I am stuck not losing I will have to compare the measurements too now.

waiting again

Apr 23, 2007

I finally had my physical done.  And now I wait for the call to have my date!  YEAH!!  I am so excited and can't wait.  Everything went great.  So hopefully in the next few weeks I will hear something.  Until then . . . Keeping my fingers crossed. 

speak now or forever hold your piece

Apr 12, 2007

I spoke with a friend and it seems like this will pretty much be done with it around a month.  OMG and now I am scared!  Not so much at the surgery itself but all the things after.  Will my marriage make it if I lose all this weight?  Will I have complications and if so what?  Will we make it finacially while I am off work?  Will I be able to handle not eating?  What can I do to transfer my addictions?  Will I be able to take care of my children while I am trying to recover?  I can do this.  I just have to get past my anxiety which like usual is getting in my way.  I think in the last few days I have put my weight back on.  But I am to terrified to get on a scale.  I am doing this pretty much on my own and that scares me.  Although I do have a good support in email but not in person.  I just need to get through the wait and then I know that everything will be better.  Until then . . .                    Tundra Picture

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