Day one: waking up for VSG hospital admission

Jan 21, 2019

Jan 21 2019: wooooooozy. I dont think this sleeping pill likes me very much. Ive been waking up off and of since about 0230. Its 5am now so I’ll just stay up and watch some TV. One of the HBO channels are still in English so, no problem. Bleh. I feel pretty groggy. Its ok...ill be asleep most of the day right?! The hubby is out cold.....guess the pill likes him....figures.   I think i will have a nice hot shower. Be ready to be in the car by 0615am!!!





Mother Goddess, Father God: bless the surgeons hands this day and protect your son and daughter from harm. Join with us as we send good and powerful energy to the staff and all parties involved. 

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Jan 20, 2019


Sunday, Jan 20, 2019. We drove down with my in-laws today. Arrived to the Lucerna Hotel near noon, checked into our room (tiny worry....they dont turn the AC on in the winter so there is only heat available in the room...fear not, we are hot bodied and have not been bothered at all. Temps around 74 or less...when the sun set, the temp dropped down to 50 and i just opened the slider all the way. We are now cool and being serenaded by Mexican Birbs...lovely)

Room is plenty big, spotless, adequate lighting, two bottles of water provided, plenty of pillows, medium firmness bed. 

There are 4 restaurants available at the hotel. a Steakhouse, Italian, American style, and a Cafe. ....its Sunday....all thats open is the American style place and the bar. Food was huge servings and flavorful BUT i hope you had your favorite meal before you get here.  

Check into Almater Hospital at 1pm:

Hospital is only about 10 mins away. No problemo. Ample parking. Walk right in to find reception...she spoke limited English but we had no trouble understanding each other and Yolanda promptly met us in the waiting room. 

Step 1: urine test....not preggo....WHEW!

Step 2: blood draw.....this gal is better than any lab tech I’ve had in the US. She changed vials 3 times and i never felt so much as a tremor. Wow. Zero pain, zero trouble.  

Step 3: xrays....hmm...not so much. Machine was on the blink. We will do it tomorrow when we come back to check in for real.

Step 4: EKG. Ie bare chest, bare metal. A lovely tech applies clamps and suction cups to your body and runs your EKG, prints, and adds it to your file. Funny note: a handsome young tech saw my boobie. Cheers. 

Step 5: Paperwork and Payment. (And you get an anti-biotic and a sleeping pill) Even though I had a note put on my credit card...they still effing denied it and I had to call and get the approval. Took about 15mins....not a big problem....just a thought though, IF YOURE NOT GOING TO HONOR MY TRAVEL NOTES THEN WHY BOTHER GIVING ME THE OPTION TO ADD THE GOT-DANG NOTE??? UUUUUGHHH *deep breaths everyone*...okay....we’re ok. Siiiigh. 

Now back at the hotel for our last meal and cocktail before bed. 

And thats all folks! Theres our Pre Op day laid out for you. Now we are cuddled in bed watching the playoffs. The weather is beautiful. There are no buggies flying about so I’m keeping the slider open, enjoying the cool air, and talking to you. On that note, I bid you goodnight. Hope you enjoyed the read. I’ll be back as soon as I feel better and able to type comfortably.  

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It’s finally happening!

Nov 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

-today this has so much meaning. After being laughed out of a nutritionist’s office....scoffed at by my PCP....yo-yo diets, crash-diets, unyielding workouts, diet pills, HCG drops, KetoDiet....omg on and on. Today. Today, they approved and scheduled our VSG procedure. My husband and I will start this new journey together. We have selected Mexicali Bariatric Center as our surgeons. We will have to self pay (Happy Christmas Babe!) We have family who have been treated there and have been successful for over 3 years. We are nervous, of course, but I think having this together and at the same time, we will be stronger together and be more able to support one another. I was so nervous they would refuse me, but they didnt and I cant stop smiling!! I want my old body back! It’s been so elusive these past few years, no matter what I have tried. I know at my age thats “normal” but I simply cant accept it. I have steadily gained each year for the past 5 and I’m done. I come and I’m comin for my mean young body!!! 

Blessings to all


What a great way to start the new year!!


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