Hi everyone!  I’ve been a member of the OH network since July 2005, but only became active in October 2007.  I’ve read lots of profiles and figured it was time to write my own story.   I live outside Washington, DC in Prince George’s County, Maryland and had my surgery in Baltimore, MD.

I’ve been overweight my entire life.  But, as a child and then as a teenager, I was very active and the weight wasn’t a big deal.  After college, I really packed on the pounds.  It was a slow, gradual gain of about 15 pounds a year.  I graduated high school in 1993 at 201 pounds.  On the morning of my gastric bypass surgery, July 6, 2007, I weighed 410 pounds. 

I have struggled with weigh loss for the last 10 years, especially the last five.  I tried Weight Watchers (11 times), Jenny Craig (2 times), South Beach (2 times) and nothing ever kept the weight off.  I can admit that I celebrated weight loss success with more food.  Ridiculous, huh?  I didn’t truly understand how deep my emotional connection to food ran until I met with my therapist during my pre-op regiment. 

I am looking forward to the changes in my life that surgery has afforded me.  I am ready for the journey and I look forward to meeting lots of folks on OH.

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