Jan 10, 2008

So I hardly ever write here but people have been asking for an update so here ya go!  
I have been working out like a mad woman to get BIG!  I am desperate to see my muscle definition even when I am at rest.  I haven't posted recent pics but my shoulders look amazing and my legs are to die for.  As soon as I feel like flexing in a little workout outfit in front of the camera I will post some pics.
In the meantime my husband (yes I got married, did I forget to mention that!  Oops)  and I are working on getting our website done so we can attract more clients.  We are both still creating workout plans, nutrition plans, and motivating people to live a healthy lifestyle!  
As always I am around and would love to answer any questions about working out, maintaining weight loss, or just to be a listening ear.


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