Eric Schlesinger

"First impressions are so important and my first impression of Dr. Schlesinger was very good. I felt as though I was speaking with a true professional who also had a heart and true empathy for his patients. rnrnHe indicated that he will be almost like a member of my family when it comes to follow through and support. That will be a pleasant aspect of this entire surgery.rnrnHe proved that he was everything my first impression told me by actually calling me a couple of times when I had concerns. Yes, he called me at my home and discussed my issues until I was satisfied that I understood the answer to my question. I can't even remember when I have been treated that way by a physician. rnrnDo I feel comfortable about putting my surgery in his hands? You bet I do. rnrnI wasn't able to have the surgery as soon as I had wanted because there were reports he needed to review and he wanted to see all the information in front of him so that he had a totally clear picture of my health and any risk factors. After he explained all of this, I realized that things do happen for a reason, and the conviction he had that he would not operate until he was totally convinced of what he was dealing with to make sure the risk to me during and after surgery was minimal. I can wait until some time in August knowing that it won't happen until all systems are \"go.\""
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