My 'fat' journey goes back as far as I can remember.  I can remember my mom making comments to others (never to me), about my weight.  I remember shopping with my grandma and her asking the lady where the 'husky' section was.  Through High School I learned to pretend to embrace my big girl status.  I became the tough, funny girl who seemed to be comfortable in her skin.  In 1993 I became pregnant with my daughter Bree and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  In November I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and they told me to put all the diabetes stuff was over.  Over the next few months I became very slim....WHOOHOO  pregnancy changed my metabolism!!  By January, I was in a size 10 but not feeling very well.  I went to the doctor and my blood sugars were off the charts.  Turns out, I was now a type 1 diabetic.  I was admitted to the hospital and gained 15lbs.  As my blood sugars got better, my weight got higher....and so began my an overweight, type 1 diabetic.

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