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"The following statements are just my personal impressions of my own personal experience and I am making no statements about what other people may experience. I had a consult with Dr. Wood on 6/6/07. This doctor is very impressive. He has a long confirmed history of success. As nervous as I was, I went in with a page full of questions that I figured I would need to ask when we met one on one (the consultation was done in a group). Dr. Wood answered 99% of the questions on my list in his presentation. He is very confident and comforting (seems to the be the type to kick you in the butt while holding your hand at the same time). I really liked how he took the time to explain everything...the good, bad and ugly. He does have an aftercare program that was stressed throughout the consult. I will write more after the surgery but for now Dr. Wood is a 10 out of 10!"
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