2 years out

Aug 02, 2009

Wow I can hardly believe 2 years have passed since my RNY.  I have lost 118 lbs.  I weighed 291 when I went in for surgery and 173 now.  My goal is 170 and the closest I have come to that is 170.8 LOL so, I can't count it.  So much has changed.  I live in Florida now with my husband and daughter.  Randy built me a beautiful pool with a gorgeous deck that I try to use at least once a day.  I love the sunshine and I love my new body.  I have 2 bikinis now....and I wear them LOL!  I am a size 12 and very very happy with that.  I am going to post some pictures for those just starting out.  My befores are already on here.  There are some down sides, I have to get iron transfusions twice a year now and my blood pressure is always very low.  I have to take prevacid everyday because I am prone to ulcers now.  People ask me if I would do it again....my answer is yes, in a heartbeat!  I don't regret my decision one bit.
Thanks to everyone for sticking by me and following my progress
Take care,


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