Post-op...YEAH!!! I'm a LOSER.

Apr 05, 2010

It's been a week now since my surgery and I actually feel great.  Not ready to run laps yet but better than I thought I would. The surgery itself came and went so fast I can't believe it's over with.  I went in at 10:30, the last thing I remember is the anesthetist putting something in my IV and the next thing I was back in my room waking up to see 3 of my kids with me!  What a great way to wake up and know you made it.
I was on a Morphine pump which helped alot.  I was up at least 8 times that first night for the bathroom and after the first time with help from my nurse I was getting up and down by myself.  Being a nurse myself I know how important it is to MOVE after surgery, so I did.  And I have a pretty high pain tolerance so that helped.  The only thing that really bothered me was having the JP drain in.  I felt like I couldn't take a deep breath.  The surgery was on a Monday and I elected to stay till Wed morning.  The JP Drain came out and I was so relieved!! I went home and have not taken any pain meds since I left there. The other incisions do not bother me at all.
Since I've been home I feel like I'm getting stronger every day.  The full liquids are getting boring but they keep me satisfied.  It is so weird to see food commercials now.  The foods look so good but I really don't want them.  I would just like to taste them or chew them or something-like I said weird.
I'm schduled to go back to work tomorrow night.  I know they are not happy with me since I only had a 3 day notice between meeting my surgeon and scheduling the surgery, so I messed up the entire schedule.  Oh well, if I lose my job I can easily find another.  The most important thing here is my life.  I do have my military retirement so It's not that big of a deal anyway. I just fel bad that I put the other staff in such a bad position.
So, thats where I am now.  I'm glad I did this for myself and my kids, and even though I'm not yet back to normal, I know I made the right choice for me. And I am so happy to have this website and supporters out there.


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