MultiVitamin Plus Topical Patch (30-Day Supply)

"Have Been on the Patch Multivitamin 5 months. Got some bloodwork back today and all seems steady and good. A few points: Vitamin D- I have been Vit D deficient for over a decade pre-WLS. I finally started taking a liquid Vit D supplement and take 20,000mg a day just to get myself in the bottom range of normal. Without changing that dosage and adding the patch, I am now at 86 in a range of 30-100. So I am absorbing the vitamin D from the patch. Very excited about this. Have never had a Vit D this high. B-12- I was taking 2000mg B-12 sublingually daily prior to the patch. I need to be at the high end of normal or high or I start to get symptoms even though I never bottom out into deficient. When I started the patch- because it has B-12 in it I cut back to one 1000mg sublingual. Well my B-12 has held steady at 1100. So again I am absorbing the B-12 from the patch. Very happy using the Patch MD vitamin"

Joseph Michaels

"Dr. Michaels is a phenomenal Plastic Surgeon. Not only did I get amazing results, but the whole process was seamless. He is kind, considerate and makes himself available to you. I never felt rushed at appointments, and he answered all my questions and helped me make decisions about what I wanted. I traveled from NY to Washington DC area to have surgery with him and do not regret the decision to travel at all. After going to 5 Plastic Surgeons for consultations....Going with someone who specializes in people who have had massive weight loss I felt was essential. "

Arif Ahmad

"He is an experienced surgeon and very thorough with the pre-op prep, and wanting you to do follow-up. He has quite a system there, between nutritionists, nurses and support groups. He seemed a little arrogant and short the first few times I met him. It improved as he got to know me. Officially Dr. Anagawala was my surgeon because of insurance coverage, but he was in there during my surgery and had his hand on the whole process. He has added more docs into the post-op process so the wait in the waiting room isn't so long. I think he is really dedicated."


"Had tried this before I started on WLS road. Tasted Ok, I really liked the ingredients but it gave me reflux. Too many carbs for now."

Iced Coffee Original Flavor 18oz Bag

"Read about this on these forums so I ordered it. Quickly was getting tired of chocolate after surgery. Very good, has 20mg protein which is the minimum my doc allows. I lended with a few ice cubes to get it really cold and creamy. Let it sit to let the foam die down, delicious."
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