Confession time..

Jan 22, 2009

So I decided to confess some of my bad habits I have been exhibiting, that way I don't feel quite as bad for them, lol. Lately I have found myself thinking that I can eat what ever I want. I have been munching on cookies, I had 2 chicken strips from McDonald's, and I have been eating more carbs then I should. I haven't gained any weight, but this has caused me to be at a stand still.
So yesterday I started a new day, and was a good girl. I actually choked down 2 protein shakes! And had only 2 corn tortilla's. I found myself wanting to snack on something at 11 pm, so I made some cheese chips. I know I shouldn't eat that late, but at least it wasnt a cookie! lol.
This is totally off my confession topic. But I am thinking about going back to blond, and I don't know how good of an idea that is right now with the amount of hair loss I have been having. Do you think it would make me loose more hair? I think I am just looking for an appearance change. *sigh*

It's been a while...

Jan 11, 2009

since I have posted a blog. Things are going WONDERFUL since my surgery. I have discovered that I DO NOT have a dumping syndrome. But if I do try to push it too far, I will get a little bit of a tummy ache. But just because I have discovered that, I don't make a habit of being a bad girl. The end reward of being healthy means more to me than some sweets! Besides who really needs that crap in their body anyways!?

I have a ton of fun tiring on my kid's clothes. Not that they totally fit me, they are obviously tight, but just the fact that I can put my arm into something of theirs is awesome! I love being able to shop in the "normal" size clothes, who knew they were so much cheaper then "plus sized" clothes! lol.

I have posted a list of WOW moments on my myspace blog. Feel free to add me and check them out!


Sep 10, 2008

Well my surgery came and went. I experienced some swelling in my pouch so instead of the typical 2-3 days in the hospital I was in for 6!! By day 4, I was crying on the edge of my hospital bed questioning if I made the right decision. I was in so much pain, and just so tired of throwing up. But I know deep down in the end, I did make the right decision. And I will be healthy for myself and my family!

I have my date!

Aug 19, 2008

So after a beautiful day at the park with my youngest daughter and my hubby, I come home to a message to call the doctors office.

My first thought is, crap something went wrong. They called the wrong person about the insurance approval, or something.

But to my suprise, they were calling with a DATE!! I took the very first open date Sept. 3rd!!! There was no hesitation, I would rearange my life to have the surgery this soon.

I am so excited, it really is still so surreal! I think I need a pinch!!

I got my approval!

Aug 18, 2008

Finally! Insurance called me today to let me know that I have been approved! So I called my dr. office right away to let them know, but of course I have to wait for a call back.

Now I am just wondering what is next! How soon do I get to have my surgery?

Oh Happy Day!!

So an update...
I spoke to the doctors office. And as soon as I get the letter in hand (which should be this week), I can fax it over to the doctors office and they can schedule my surgery as soon as Sept!!!

Still waiting...

Aug 06, 2008

Well I am still waiting to hear back from insurance. I was able to get a hold of someone at insurance, and I was told that because I was denied once (I guess Hillary sent in a pre-approval, but it was denied because I didnt do my psych eval, or nutr. eval) that the new submission had to be sent to the appeals department. So after going round and round with leaving messages for the appeals department, I finally got a call back to tell me that a decission has not been made yet. But I did find out that they have 30 calander days to make a decission and my appeal was received July guess that means that I should know by the end of this month!


Jul 27, 2008

So here is my first post. I am currently waiting to hear back from insurance to see if I have been approved for my gastric bypass. I have done everything that was asked of me, and all I can do now is hope and pray that I am approved.

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