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Nov 02, 2009

The fibromyalgia has been a real trial but I was working hard to lose the weight until... I fell off my horse and fractured my L1. So all summer I sat on my butt and watched dvd's and bad tv and played online. It tripled my pain level, and I had to deal with docs who didn't get that.
I've been throwing up pretty regularly since June when I stopped my cymbalta and switched to lexapro. On the plus side, the lexapro worked from day 1, no more suicidal thoughts etc. Hurray!
But the vomiting is intolerable. Its random. No dependant on what I eat, or when, or when I takle OTC ulcer meds, nada. So tomorow I am scheduled for an colonoscopy/endoscopy. So today is surgery prep. Drinking a gallon of cold boring liquid. It doesn;t taste nearly as bad as I expected. Or maybe I didn't mix it well enough and the end stuff will be horrid. We shall see.

My mom had her her lap band, she's doing great, just needs more exercise. She also hurt her back, so she just finished PT, so now she can use that time to walk or join a gym or whatever.

The end. Wish me luck.


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