Approved & Hit a Goal!!!

Feb 16, 2015

My surgeon's office let me know today that I was APPROVED by the insurance company!!! I still have to get my Iron up before they will do the surgery. They said once the Hematologist gets my Iron in normal range they will give me a surgery date. It shouldn't take long because they will probably do IV Iron and they said that works MUCH faster and better. I just can't believe I'm finally approved!  This is REALLY going to happen. For some reason, this just got really real lol. This has been one tough and trying process but it is all worth it. To someone just starting, hang in there, if you are like me you are going to hit MANY bumps in the road but you can and will get through them. I thought I'd be 5 or more months before I got surgery but I'm looking at having my surgery mid to late March. Ahhhh!! lol, I'm so happy. & I've FINALLY hit my first goal weight. When I started actually trying to lose some weight, I started on Jan 13 and I set a goal on that day to hit 299 before I seen my surgeon for my pre-op appointment and I hit that a couple days ago! I even have pics to prove it lol. I hit my FIRST weight loss goal and I can't put the feeling in words. I am still trying to lose more but at least I hit what I said I would. My life is changing and I'm trying to catch up in my mind. I thank God for His many many blessings on me. I posted on Facebook a couple days ago that I will praise God in the hallway until He opens a door, well, I think my door is opening. My life will NEVER be the same. I'm so excited to start this chapter in my life. I have no where to go but UP! Thank you all for your prayers, comments, messages, and friendship this past year throughout my journey so far. You guys have gotten me through some hard bumps. I'm so glad to have a support who understands what it's like to go through this. Thanks again!  God bless, XoXo.


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