Hey, fatty, BBW, Chubby, Thick, Fatso, Sexi Fat,  PHAT, BABY FAT, Big Boned, Chunky Monkey, Big Willie, free Willie, fatty fatty meatball patty, where not even Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, L.A. Weight Lose,  Dick Gregory, NutriSytem, Slim Fast, Grey Sheets, Metabolite, Hollywood diet, Fasting, Skipping meals, Atkins  or even exercising could help me win this loosing battle! I was chubby child, fat teenager, and super-sized adult. There is no blame, and I am not angry at anyone not even myself...This is my story, and I think it needs to be told. I allowed being fat get in the way of life, my life. It held me back from so much. It lowered  my esteem at times and  caused me to hide behind a persona at other times. Being overweight has dictated my life for far too many years. I’m tired of being fat, I’m tired of being trapped in my own body. This is my journey to escape…..flutter my wings and finally fly away. 



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