I have always been big, my whole life.  My genes are just programmed to be that way.  I am 5'3.  I was 140 lbs at age 10, then up  to 180 by my freshman year, and 235 lbs by sophmore year.  My first diet was at age 13.  I begged my grandmother to help me lose weight and through calorie restriction (700 calories a day), I lost 30 pounds.  I slowly started to gain back that weight plus more.  2 years later I tried Herbalife and lost 20 pounds, but of course, I regained it PLUS. I have tried weightwatchers, slimfast, sugarbusters, Adkins, Phentermine diet pills, working out obsessively,  the grapefruit diet and bunch of other eating plans, like most most of us.  I am an outgoing, smart, ambitious person and I feel like the only thing that has held me back from meeting my full potential is my weight.  Now that I have the tools, I am going to do whatever it takes to get the weight off and keep it off for life!

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