Banded 04/13/09.

May 05, 2009

Well, my previous October 2008 surgery date came and went.  I didn't have the deductible amount so I had to put it off.  Wow, was that the most depressing thing EVER.  Thankfully I got it together and was able to reschedule my surgery date for April 13, 2009.  I am now a few weeks post band and am excited beyond belief. But, I have 3 weeks till my first fill and I'm trying not to gain anything.  I have no restriction, just like most of the stories that I have heard. :-)   I'm ravenous. Like, starving all the time.  Thank goodness for diet pills.    My current weight is down from 223 lbs originally and post-op 195 to 190 lbs.   Happy to be back in here seeing how everyone is doing!



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