Working On

Love who I am

30 working on · 6 achieved
Working On

live every day like a rockstar!!

6 working on · 1 achieved
Working On

not to wear anymore plus sizes

31 working on · 25 achieved
Working On

to have a better attitude about life, " MY LIFE " and all the people i

4 working on · 0 achieved
Working On

better myself in all areas of my life, especially my health and self esteem

11 working on · 0 achieved
Working On

develop a healthier relationship with food

16 working on · 0 achieved
Working On

Get out there and try things i havn't yet.

15 working on · 5 achieved
Working On

recognize and manage my fears about being thin

10 working on · 2 achieved
Working On

buy sexy lingerie at Victoria's Secret.

129 working on · 45 achieved
Working On

Lose weight get healthy and get my life on track

343 working on · 41 achieved
Working On

Feel Sexy

58 working on · 13 achieved
Working On

To get back down to under 200lbs.

9 working on · 7 achieved · Target goal date: 10/15/2008

Get to the gym a minimum of 3 times a week

26 working on · 7 achieved

Get my surgery date set

0 working on · 1 achieved · Target goal date: 5/09/2008
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