Finally... calm.

Jun 14, 2009

Friday, started out with a visit to my GP and she was soooo happy with my progress and so very supportive... I really think I had a major turning point in my life the day I walked into her office!!!

Then, my pre-op appointment was the second appointment of the day, and I had some silly notion that I would REALLY be freaked out after that appointment... but just the opposite happened.  I left there feeling more calm and more ready than ever!!!  My blood work was all normal.   My EKG was normal .  My classes went very Very VERY well!  And, I met a lovely couple there who were so genuine and sweet. 

I am two days into my pre-op diet, and if I thought it would be hard... for that too, I was mistaken.  Im very focused now and am in the home stretch.  I am just keeping my eye on the ball.. and doing everything by the book.  My kitchen counter has all of a sudden started looking gourmet... blender, scale, chopper... everything I will need.

Ive been wearing my Fit Flops for two days, had to take them off cuz my butt and legs have had quite a workout and are literally sore!!! And I switched to sneekers for a for a nice long walk today at the Berkeley Marina...

And now I am just waiting for the hours to tick away... getting in some RnR... as dinner time approaches and my next liquid meal... another protein shake... BUT can I just say YUM.  In some ways I feel like I am cheating because im having what tastes to me like a milkshake for breakfast and dinner!!!   My body is goin YEAH! and my brain is goin WHAT? Lol.. and the scale is goin down... I couldn't be happier. 

Oh and I also got the hugs I was looking for from my family.. seems once their stress was over and the chaos in their lives calmed down... and time and circumstance put Mom and Dad and I together for a couple of hours... I was able to bask in the love and how proud of me they are.. and that has made all the difference in the world in terms of feeling whole going into this...

That... and the support from my Michael... he took me out to dinner.. my last meal so to speak... and we had a lovely steak dinner.. didn't go crazy.. no soda, baked potato, salad with dressing on the side... but I did enjoy the steak... we walked to and from there... so there is some justification in that... and it was a Celebration too... not just of how far I have come... but also because our son (my step-son) became a full fledged English teacher.. and we just got word earlier that day... we are so proud of him! 

A little more about Michael... He didn't even flinch when I asked him to come to Walmart on a Saturday afternoon to return the single size blender I bought that morning that some jerk took the blade out of the box of.  He even ran upstairs while I was in the return line to grab another and they were all gone... then onto Walgreens for a card for the newest Teacher in Fortuna.. and what did I find there... the same single size blender 1/2 price!!! SCORE! 

So... somehow I came out the otherside of a rough couple of weeks... learned more about myself and experienced more of the determination and support that this journey has blessed me with.. and even with a tip for you:  Two scoops of instant decaf coffee in a protein drink is WAAAAY tooo much for a coffee flavored shake!!! Lol.. but I am not done experimenting :).....

Much Love,


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